Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pretty, New Bling

Been working on a few new bracelets.  And I love them.

My favorites:

Bowties are cool.

And a few more.

I love this style!  They are so pretty, and you can do pretty much anything you want with the colors and embellishments!

So fun.  :D

Monday, December 5, 2011

Scrabble, anyone?

When I first saw this idea, I thought, "oooooOOOOOOooooo!  THAT WOULD BE FUN!!"  And so it was!  Check it. . .

These little flowers make great tiles if you want to do two letters (like first/last name initials, or boyfriend/girlfriend initials, etc):

I put the colored glitter paper on the back just for fun.  And it doesn't really matter what color you get b/c nobody sees the color, and the wood goes with just about anything!  I like the glitter paper on the back.  It just makes me feel better b/c it's so pretty!  ;)

I also put the scrabble tiles on rings:

The rings are $12.00 a piece.

These necklaces are $12.00 for the first tile and necklace, $6/tile after that.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Niki gets creative. . .

I discovered a new thing!  I ordered 100 of these glass tiles, and I enjoyed creating these pendants so much  that I finished them in a week!  So I ordered more.  Now I just need y'all to buy some of these so I don't go broke!  ;)  Check it out!

These have been sold, but most of them can be reproduced, and a lot of them can be done with different colors.

("Best Friends" set--a.dor.a.ble!!!)

Here are a *few* of my favorites that are still available (the 1-inch tiles go for $12.00 each, and they come on a cable wire necklace with a barrel twist clasp, and I have multiple colors of those available):

A few tiles that are a little bigger (these are super cool!  These are 1" x 2", and they go for $18.00 each):


If you'd like to see the rest of my creative ideas with these glass tiles, you can see my Picasa Web Albums here:  My Large Tiles For Sale and my 1 inch Tiles For Sale.

You can also view my album of Sold Tiles.  If you see anything there that you like, please email me and let me know!  Many of my sold items can be reproduced!!

~Niki  :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Welcome, Wanda!

I've got a new follower!  Welcome to Little White Dove Jewelry, Wanda!  I don't update nearly often enough, so I hope I don't lose your interest!

Thanks for following!  Drop me a line some time if you'd like!  I'd love to hear how you found me!


Monday, February 7, 2011

A Rockin' Christmas Gift

To start off with, I'd like to welcome my newest follower: Cindy Hughes.  She my aunt, and I love her!  Thanks for following, Aunt Cindy!  You're awesome!

I'd like to share with you today, a bracelet that I made for a friend of mine for Christmas.  I wracked my brain for ages trying to figure out what to make for her.  It hurt.  The problem is, she doesn't wear a lot of jewelry.  I wanted to make something personal.  Something I was sure she would wear.  

I saw an idea in one of those little idea leaflets they put up in Hobby Lobby that made me instantly think of her.  They took a little set of miniature vinyl records from the doll house department, and turned them into a pair of earrings with electric guitar charms hanging from the records.  Now, I loved the concept, but I didn't see her going for the earrings.  So I modified the idea a bit, and this is what I came up with:

How cute is that!?!

Here's what I did:  

I started off with a piece of black suede leather that was the perfect width.  I think it was meant to be a belt, but I just cut it to the length I wanted-just long enough to wrap once around her wrist, not quite touching.  I didn't want the leather to overlap and get too bulky.  I cut the red/black polk-a-dot ribbon just a tad bit longer than the leather.  I attached the snaps to the ribbon (it's a little easier to work with than leather).

I sewed the guitar charms and the three records to the ribbon before I glued the ribbon to the leather.  I figured the stitches would hold better, and I didn't want to have to sew through the leather.

(I missed just the tiniest big of glue.  I thought it would dry clear.  :(  I'll remember next time.)

I did stitch the ribbon and leather together on the ends.  I used some pretty good glue, so I'm sure it will hold up for a long time, but the snaps make the ends of the ribbon the weakest part of the bracelet,  and I wanted to add a little extra hold to the ends b/c of the snaps

Personally, I love how this bracelet turned out.  Molly loves leather, the color red, electric guitars, and good music.  I think I was able to incorporate all that into one simple bracelet.  For all the brainpower it took to come up with this idea, it was a pretty easy piece to put together!  

What do you think?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

On Being Organized

I thought I would share with you today a few of my organization methods.  Be prepared for information and photo overload!

I just HAVE to start with what I call my craft board.  My brother helped me make it, b/c he's awesome like that!  I already had my craft table, and I knew exactly what I wanted for the craft board.  I've filled it in a little more since that picture was taken!

We started with a piece of 1/4 inch plywood cut to size.  We glued that rolled up sheet metal from Lowes along the top and the bottom of the board, and we glued corkboard tiles in between them.  We framed it and added a narrow shelf at the top for a little depth.  Then I painted it with my favorite brown metalic paint:

I found a magnetic towel rod or curtain rod or whatever it is at Walmart (I didn't even know they made those!) that I use for my smaller spools of ribbon, thread, and tiger wire.  It's expandable, so I still have plenty of room for more!  :D

I found the perfect jars online, and I bought a bazillion of them in two sizes.  I also found online the magnets that I glued on the bottom of the jars.  The jars are clear, and I use them for my special/favorite beads.  I put labels in the bottom of the jars to help me remember the cost of the beads.  That helps me keep track of the cost when I make something to sell.

The containers at the bottom of the board hold my stringing material and my eyepins and headpins and the like.  After I made the board, I realized that I really don't utilize the cork board all the much.  So I decided to use it to display my Disney pins.  It's about time I make those things useful!  I glued magnets to the back of some of the pins and a few fancy beads to have decorative magnets to hold up little inspiration pictures scattered over the board.

So, on the shelf to the right of the craft table,

I have these containers right at my elbow:
that hold my findings and large beads.

On this shelf, I also have these containers:
that hold all my seed beads and other beads that I have in quantities too large to fit in the jars on the board.  I organize my beads by type and then color, so if I'm looking for a particular bead I know right where it is!

On the bottom shelf I have all my extra jars that I need to glue magnets to.  I also have a shoebox (one day I will cover it with cute paper) that holds all my unsorted, unpackaged beads that I've purchased here and there. That yellow thing is one of those rolly thingamabobs that I use for large pendants and such.

On the shelf above my bead containers, I have a basket in which I store my miscellaneous junk items that I need but don't need to be out all the time.  Or look ugly.  I don't like ugly.  I also have two ribbon boxes that hold my larger spools of ribbon.

M Swarovski Crystal Color chart, a few pens, and all of my jewelry making books/ideas, etc. sit on the next shelf up.

I also have a little tray table between the craft table and the shelf that holds a couple of tin buckets in which I keep my tools (pliers, wire cutter, scissors) handy.  The jewelry box was a Christmas gift from a friend.  She decorated it and turned it in to a project box for me.  Now I have an awesome little place to store my projects when I need to set them aside for a while (my cats are notorious for attacking my work while I'm out).

To the  right of the shelf (and behind me when I'm working at the table) I have a beautiful chair that I bought on Craigslist for a great deal less that it's worth.  You can see this story on my personal blog by clicking here.  I wanted a comfy chair in my craft room for visitors so I could continue working if I needed to.  Or Bently. ;)
Ain't he cute?  The cats usually chase him off the chair when they get tired of sitting in my lap.

OK, moving on. . .

Catty corner to my work station you'll find this:

I store the papers I use for the backgrounds in my jewelry pictures in the cabinet.  (You can see the transformation of the cabinet by clicking here--personal blog again.)  One drawer hold my keys (sometimes) and misc. junk that I take out of my purse.  The other drawers hold packaging materials, blank invoices/receipts and such.

On top of the cabinet I have a plate and  a jewelry dress form that I toss my jewelry onto at the end of the day when I don't feel like putting it away properly.  That gorgeous picture (my favorite!) on the top of the cabinet is a picture of my mom's family when she was a little girl.

The standing jewelry box to the right of the cabinet holds all my jewelry that doesn't lend itself to hanging up or items I don't wear often (like my watches).  The placed fabric in the black picture frame on the top to hold my earrings with hooks or wires.  My stud earrings are in the jewelry box.

The basket under the table holds my jewelry that's for sale.  It also sits there to mostly hide the ugly cords from the lamps and my space heater (concrete floors get COLD during the winter!), and a perch for my rotten boy cat.  That chair is my new (very old) chair that I acquired from my boss.  It still has the delivery tag on it.  It was delivered to him 6/2/1975!  WHAT!!  Cool.  It's waiting for me to recover and paint it.  It's in really good condition, though!  It doesn't really need it.  I just want to girlify it a bit.

On to the the last organization area (and just a small peak):
The closet.  I have two sets of plastic drawers that hold all my large items for jewelry making, my plastic baggies, my gift boxes, and a few general crafting supplies.  I keep it hidden behind the jewelry board that I made (I told you about that by clicking here) to hold my bracelets, necklaces, and anklets.  It's getting a little full.  I use the shelf in the closet to store jewelry displays and lights that I use on my table when I sell jewelry.

I have plans to turn the closet more usable space, but for not it's working for what I need.

It's very important to me to stay organized.  If my stuff is where it's supposed to be, I don't have to waste time looking for it what I need.

What do you think?  I'm definitely not done with the craft room yet, but it's off to a good start!  I still need to paint the walls, replace the flooring, and put up a few pictures that I've purchased for the room.

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